Create a stronger, healthier, more authentic version of You thru fitness and coaching. Learn to live in a vibration of love, presence and is a journey. Take steps to create a new way of being. Book your appt today 705.205.4688 or email

Muskoka Bootcamp GoddessThe Muskoka Goddess knows when she is comfortable in her own skin it frees her to be who she truly is. She is aware that it is none of her business what you think of her. She walks differently, interacts with others from a better place. It is my desire that you reach this place within yourself so you may go out and celebrate it with the world!

Within You,  Resides Strength, Beauty, Simplicity, Integrity, and the Ability to Fully Accept Yourself. Make it so.

Mission: Muskoka Goddess is committed to dramatically increasing the self worth of every woman. Thru fitness, coaching, meditation and eating real food, we will inspire the creation of a strong, sexy, healthy body and mind. You will realize you are perfect just the way you are. We value integrity, simplicity, emotional and spiritual growth, having fun and living each day to the fullest. There is nothing to fix, merely a new way of being to  embrace.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga strengthens and deeply cleanses the system adding intensity to the work that you would normally get in practice and raises the level of purification exponentially…

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Boot camp is a group exercise class that mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval and strength training. It is designed in a way that pushes the participants harder than they’d push themselves. You will perform squats, pushups and various forms of plyometiric and Tabata training with little rest between movements. Suitable for all fitness levels.  These fitness classes get fast results and create a supportive and motivational community of like-minded people…

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Law of Attraction coaching will allow you to become crystal clear on your desires, intentions and vision. You will set goals and plans in a safe, non judgmental environment to reach your desires. Raising your vibration to live a joyous and abundant life is a big part of the focus…

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Hear what our happy customers have to say!

  Thank you so much for reaching out - I really miss you! Thank you for continuing to hear me, teach me, and show me to expand my way of viewing all that surrounds me. You are a being like no other and I love you for that. I woke up this morning after our conversation totally ignited; everything you shared with me really resonated - and I did not realize this until I was on my mat in practice this morning. I just started letting go of my week, my month, and thoughts on what I think my future holds or what I need to do to shape it... It felt amazing ;) and I owe that to you. One moment I am thinking about how hard everything has been and the next I am thinking about how strong I am and there is a lot more out there for me to conquer. You are so right about looking at the potential in the good and bad things that may happen to us. I know now that I am not being tested, but being challenged to open my eyes and mind to all potential and have been given an incredible gift to make something great with these experiences. I have so much to be grateful for, and today, I am most grateful to be given these challenges, because only the strong are asked to face them. So again, thank you for your insight and wisdom – I am so proud to be your friend. September 2013Chelsea
Anyone looking for an ass kicking workout and positive trainer? Sandra O'Brien is definitely taking Muskoka by storm! This bootcamp will change your body and mind March 2013Valeria Alatyppo
Thanks for a great class tonight! Wow!!! I can imagine we'll all be seeing results pretty quickly! It really is a fantastic full body workout and I love the yoga-based stretches at the end. I'm really looking forward to being part of your program, working hard and seeing/feeling the results! See you Thursday!  Terri Fox

Sandra Marie O'Brien is the best thing that's come to Muskoka in years! If you want a bootcamp that will make you sweat, laugh, and seriously whip your butt into shape check her out on Tues and Thurs night at 7pm at Muskoka Fitness!  One month ago there were 4 ladies nervously waiting for her first Muskoka Bootcamp! Tonight only four weeks, 8 classes later, there was 10 excited ladies pumped for Sandra's bootcamp! - Feb 2013

Valerie A
In the past I had a trainer and even he could only get me so far... bootcamp has gotten me further then I ever thought possible. - Melanie Patton Nov 2009Melanie P

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