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Testimonial from Eleanor

Sandra O’Brien never ceases to amaze me.  A few years back (post the age of 40 body change) she undertook the die hard task of reshaping my figure, and lifestyle.  Regular exercise classes combined with healthy eating resulted in that pre-40 figure.  Now onto the next plateau .. yoga!  During the summer I had the opportunity to gather by Lake …

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Testimonial from Magdi M

Magdi Mayerhofer , 20  something I’ve known Sandra for about 5 years now. Sandra has helped me realize that it doesn’t matter what people think, and that you just have to be true to yourself! Sandra has influenced me many ways but to name a few, she showed me to always look for the silver lining in every situation because they’re …

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Testimonial Kelly W

Kelly Woloshyn- 27 years old. I Have known Sandra since December 2009 Since meeting Sandra my outlook on life, not just myself, has changed. She made me realize that you only get one “meat suit”, Sandra term for body, so why treat it poorly? With Sandras help and guidance I changed how I treated my meat suit, ultimately leading to …

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Testimonial Janet Pinney

I have known and been training with Sandra for over three years. Sandra put me on the path of healthy eating, regular exercise and self awareness.     With Sandra’s influence it became clear to me that everyone has their own stuff, their own baggage and it’s through those filters which they either love, appreciate or judge me – and …

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Testimonial Jessica S

I have known Sandra almost 3 years.  Since meeting Sandra, I have changed the way that I view “being active”. For most of my adult life I was training and eating a certain way and as I moved into my 30′s it came to a point where I was not getting the best results for “me” anymore. I learned to not to let …

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Parveen Testimonial

Parveen Karir, Registered Nurse, 39 I have known Sandra for over 6 years now. Everytime I see her, whether in person or online, I see a glowing goddess of love, inspiration and positive energy. Sandra inspires me everyday to be my best, to love myself and others unconditionally. She is my motivator and inspiration. I would say that attending classes …

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Testimonial by Christine S

I have been going to Sandra on and off for about 5 years. Not only has she helped me get into shape physically, but she has also made me feel better about myself in every other aspect.  Continue reading here…

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