3 Steps to Beautiful Skin

Body Scrub

3 Steps to Beautiful Skin

Salt body scrub to detox

Cleopatra did it and you can benefit too! Dry brushing, salt rub and sweating…simple.

Dry brushing and salt rubs are inexpensive and take little time. Two, of the many health benefits are eliminating toxins from the body, increasing circulation which supports healthy skin.  The benefits of getting a good regular sweat on will remove toxins from your body, keep your skin clear and lessen the inflammation in your body.  Inflammation is the common denominator in many illness and disease. You can sit in a wet sauna, infra red sauna, or hot bath. Exercise will also do it.  My favorite way to detox is to attend a daily hot yoga class.  Acts to detox both my body and mind.


Watch this short video which will explain in detail -

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