30 Day Challenge Day 16 -15 to go

30 Day Challenge Day 16 -15 to go

Half Way point!! Woot Woot!!


630am  litre of water with Zija smart mix

930am SunWarrior shake with almond mild, aloe vera, coconut oil and raw sprout mixture

11am  5 olives

noon  1hr hot yoga  litre of water with ziga smart mix

2pm  kamut pasta 1/2cup with olive oil, 5 olives and feta cheese

4pm  tablespoon of bean salad, chick peas, black beans, onions and parsley with olive oil and balsamic

530pm 2 cups of chamomile tea while teaching

930pm  1/2 cup of kamut salad as above

1030  hand full of red and green grapes


4 litres of water throughout the day



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