30 Day Challenge Day 19 -12 to go At the cottage

30 Day Challenge Day 19 -12 to go At the cottage

1030am  coffee with splash of cream…..10 min swim in lake

11am cup of blueberries

1130 another coffee while watching the rain on the dock…spectacular!

1230pm kamut pasta salad with feta and olives

130pm  large handful of organic splelt ginger cookies

230pm fresh coconut water from inside the coconut and coconut, approx 1/3 cup

3pm 20 min chillin in the lake and on a tube

530pm  Webbers garden burger with pickles and tomatoes….espresso icecream regular cone

630pm double shot of espresso on ice (Starbucks)

9pm  greens with olive oil and balsamic, 8 black olives and bit of feta

2 litres of water throughout day

Not a stellar eating day overall but tomorrow is another day, and it could have been much worse really. Not much of a workout day other than the morning swim, and was feeling the effects of yesterdays activity.




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