30 Day Challenge Day 6 -25

30 Day Challenge Day 6 -25

1030am Walk 45 mins

1130am  Raw protein shake with almond mild 8 ozs, aloe vera and cocnut oil .  2 tablespoons of  flax, chia and broccoli sprouts

Meditation 1pm 30min

130pm large salad with feta cheese, olive oil, balsamic, salt, pepper

3pm 3oz free range ground turkey

6pm zija smart mix and 1 litre of water

1030pm 3ozs of turkey with small salad  cup of green tea


Workout today – 10 mins of single leg squat  10 per side, 10 diamond pushups, 20 bikes.  I did video it, but at the end realized I didn’t hit the record button and was not prepared to redo the workout!



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