30 Day Challenge Summary

30 Day Challenge Summary

If you have been following along , you will notice I do not live by hard core “diet” rules.  I eat real food 95% of the time, and when life presents an occasion where I have an opportunity or need to eat something I wouldn’t normally, I do without guilt.  I drink lots of water, and like to partake in a glass or two of wine.  I  move every day, am healthy and relatively stress free if you were to compare me to the masses!


I do not care what the scale says, it is irrelevant.  I know how my body looks, feels and how my clothes feel when on. These are real life markers of how you are doing.  A scale can add or subtract 5 or 10 lbs a day in difference over the course of a day depending on food choices, hydration, hormones, salt intake, activity level etc.  After my 30 days, I comfortably fit into my “skinny” jeans, I am feeling leaner, and stronger than I was 30 days ago.


I have been without a MAC laptop last few weeks, hence the lack of videos.  I will get back to it once I get a laptop to edit and upload to you tube again.


I hope you have found the past 30 days useful in moving forward to acheiving your own fitness goals, and improving your health!   Great health does not have to be complicated you just need to be consistent and keep moving forward daily.

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