5K Walk in Beautiful Bracebridge

5K Walk in Beautiful Bracebridge

Today I walked with a PT client the same 5k Route I ran yesterday.  Lots of hills and sunshine, what a great way to spend just under an hour. WE talked about

her daily journal I have her keep, eating habits, her ability to and benefit of dreaming bigger and what is on the menu for tonight’s dinner. If you desire to change your life, your body

first change your mindset, your belief about how you see yourself and adopt the belief you can make your desires come true.


We saw for the first time 5 geese in the river, spring is indeed on it’s way.  They are calling for lots of snow tomorrow, I will believe it when I see it!

The Easter Bunny is on his way, and he shall have a snow free road! I love Easter, it’s like Christmas and Thanksgiving all over again !

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