7 Foods to Avoid

7 Foods to Avoid

Foods to Avoid – You control your health. Not your doctor. Keep your
thoughts positive and open, avoid or limit foods which do nothing to
support cellular only get one body this life time, treat it
like the temple it is.

  1. Cindy Caron
    Cindy Caron01-09-2010

    new to this, Hot House yogi

  2. Bootcamp Goddess
    Bootcamp Goddess01-10-2010

    Thanks Cindy for your comment. I believe according to Wikipedia I am a Yogini LOL The things you can learn on Wikipedia!
    Food is a diverse subject for sure. I believe a simple way to look at food is eat what makes you feel yummy. Not just while you are scarfing it down, but after wards as well. I can eat pizza and enjoy it with the best of them, but not so much 20 or 30 minutes later. Become aware of how a food reacts with your body, does it produce wanted results? Awareness is key, as with most things in life. This may seem like a very simply way of looking at things, but I find it works.

    I hope this helps. Enjoy your adventure with food!

    Wishing you much abundance in 2010!


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