A Return to Love – M. Williamson

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A Return to Love – M. Williamson

Just finished “A Return to Love – Marrianne Williamson” for the second round….perfectly timed! Creating space and authenticity are my mantras these days, it’s a journey indeed, not always an easy one I readily admit.  Being vulnerable on a large scale is not as scary as being so with those I love…..has to do with caring just not that much. I have more to lose, or so I perceive, in personal relationships. People I do not know, may make judgements, laugh, think I am an idiot, and truly I  don’t really care. But with a hand full of people, I care, immensely, at times painfully. This is where the work is to be done, these are the dungeons I must tread thru…not lightly…and let go.  These relationships are the perfect platform for growth beyond anything I can imagine. These are the gifts I am most grateful for. In the darkest depths of my soul, I seek the light.  It’s in flowing thru  the conversations I do not want to have, in the being aware of how I react to slurs, in my ability to just be in the uncomfortable and know this too shall pass, is where my ability to break free of limitations, of doubt will be found.

Remembering to stand tall, feet firmly planted on the earth, connected to the essence of who we all are, is where true freedom is found.  My ability to fully allow space for others to show up  as who they are, free of judgements, has never been very difficult for me. Allowing myself the same liberties, not so easy.  Like I said it’s a journey….Giddy Up!!

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