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Sandra O'BrienWelcome to my site.  It is my goal ,you find within yourself the ability to look and feel your absolute best, inside and out. I want you to feel powerful, unstoppable, able to effortlessly handle every curve life may throw at you. I want you to look at yourself and feel sexy and desirable.

I have been in the fitness industry over 16 years, as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, Law of Attraction Coach and  Reiki healer.   I am a proud mother of three .  At my heaviest I was 180lbs and 42%body fat. I am 5 feet 3 inches. I know first hand the challenges you face in wishing to be leaner and stronger. The lack of willpower, the guilt felt eating what you know doesn’t serve your desire to feel lean and energetic, the lack of discipline to stick to a fitness plan. I know the dread of putting on your ‘skinny jeans’ and having them not pass your knees. I know you can change your ways and create a body and lifestyle that will support you to live a healthier, happier and fuller life. There is nothing special about me, if I can do this so can you. I have battled depression, low self esteem, never feeling good enough and come out the other side happier, feeling more love for others, feeling gratitude for all the awesomeness that happens daily and feeling significantly less stressed and hopeful than ever before. Years of exploring the works of Edgar Cayce, Neale Donald Walsh, Abraham-Hicks and others have been a blessing. Knowing I am a soul who has a body, and not a body who has a soul, has been life alternating beyond words.

I have run successful outdoor boot camp programs for over ten summers, have been a certified fitness professional full time  for over 16 years and have been  featured on Breakfast Television, and in the Toronto Star. I am a contributing writer  with Parvarti Magazine.

I enjoy hiking in the trails of beautiful Muskoka,  the ocean, fire walking, dancing, reading, meditation, a good glass of red wine, a cold beer on a hot day, sunsets, a full moon, shooting stars, and  men with integrity who make me laugh.

Muskoka Goddess programs have been a life changing experience for many women. I invite you to experience it for yourself and begin a journey to a stronger, leaner, sexier, healthier and more lively version of yourself! I would be honored to assist you on your journey to complete awesomeness!


Sandra Marie
Owner Muskoka Hot Yoga and Fitness
LOA Life Coach
Personal Trainer

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