Goddess Coaching

Benefits of Coaching

  • Become crystal clear on your desires, intentions and vision
  • Discover how your thoughts and feelings create what is showing up in your life
  • Set goals and plans in a safe, non judgmental environment to reach your desires
  • Raise your vibration to live a joyous and abundant life
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others
  • Increase abundance in all areas of your life

My ideal client is open to change, is straightforward and authentic. You are prepared to do the inner work to manifest the life you desire. You have a will to nurture your self worth and feel good daily.You realize in order to create change in your world, it’s you who must change. You show up to our appointments on time and with a “Let’s explore” attitude.

Are you not only motivated to make powerful and necessary changes in your mindset, but also ready for your boundless encouragement, empowerment, and enlightenment to be unleashed?

Are you eager to define what you want?  To achieve in your life through self-discovery, letting go of limitations, and engaging in new ways of thinking, believing and doing?

As your coach, I am here to facilitate your realization you already have everything you need to create your ideal life. I will offer new perspectives on life’s obstacles. When you change your perception, you will change your reality and new doors will continually open for you. I am here to encourage, support, soothe your energy and empower you from where you currently are. You can not get it wrong.

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Investment in Self -

1 hour session $120

30 min session $60

15 min session $40

Payments thru visa or bank transfer.

HST extra

3.65% admin charge on all credit card transactions


No One Can Change Your Life But You – You Are Worth It!