purchased bgwear on backI am told blogging is the new thing to do. The  one thing an on top of her game business women must do to stay in the game.  Well, I do not think this is my thing but will give it  a go.

I am not one for having everyone know what is going on with me. I would prefer to be rich than famous I guess.  I will attempt to keep you up to date on my workouts, what I am eating, when I am fasting, if I meet “Mr Big”, you know the regular girl stuff :)

Today was insanely busy! My daughter, Oriana graduated from high school.  Two down, one to go.  It was a perfect day to fast.  When I am busy, fasting is very easy.  A pleasure actually.  I don’t have to stop and eat, taking time away from what needs to be done.

Didn’t meditate today :( will fix that tomorrow.  Today was an off training day.  Two in a row, attempting to give my shoulder a rest.

Love yourself first. Period.

Everything after that will fall into place.



Highlight of the day -  Wouldn’t you like to know :)

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