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10 Intense Full Body Coed Bootcamp Classes
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Get Tight
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Find Bliss

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Every workout is different. You will train hard.
You will get results.
Every class includes a warmup, an intense full body workout and relaxing stretch.
You will experience full blown bliss at the end of each class.

All fitness levels welcome.

Where: PrimeTime Personal Fitness and Boxing

When: Tuesday and Thursday 815pm – 915pm   All classes one hour

Starts Tuesday April 29th 815pm.   Session Ends Tuesday May 27th 815pm**

**No class Thursday May 29th. Makeup for this class held Saturday May 10th at noon.

Investment in Self – $197 plus tax for 5 weeks of bootcamp

DropIns $25 plus tax space permitted

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Here’s What Others Are Saying About The Weight Loss Results They Got with Sandra….

In the two weeks that I’ve taken Bootcamp , I’ve lost a pants size! I’ve gone from size 11 pants to a size 10, and my tops fit me so much better! Everyone has been telling me that they’re seeing a change in my weight and complimenting the way I look, which is such an self esteem boost! Thanks to all your advices, I’ve become more aware of what I’m eating and have actually stopped drinking pop (this is huge for me!), I stay away from processed foods……My diet is so much better and I feel great. I’m seeing a really positive change in myself in such a short period of time. Thanks for being so patient with me and motivating me to push myself more and more each class, knowing you believe in me makes me believe in myself too. Thank you for being so supportive, you’re truly an inspiration. ! – Sarah H


The 14 day program was an enlightening experience, and much easier than I thought it would be! I lost 9 lbs., but most of all I gained an awareness
of what I was putting in my mouth! Although I will reintroduce carbs to my diet, I will be more conscious of exactly what I am eating and in what combinations. I will always have the Fat Furnace program to fall back on periodically when my habits and metabolism need a kick! Thanks Sandra for being so supportive. – Kathy H


Training as an elite athlete for over 15 years I am highly motivated by vigorous workouts that push you to your limits. Now that I am in my early 30s and no longer supervised by coaches and mentors, I found that left to my own devices in a “regular” gym setting I was missing that exhilaration of a great workout. I found it very hard to maintain or build on the physicality that I worked so hard to achieve in my twenties. Being involved in high impact sports, I still very much want to excel as an athlete but was finding it hard to achieve or maximize my conditioning and strength goals on my own. That’s where Sandra and her invigorating Goddess Creation training comes into play. Since joining over 18 months ago, Goddess Creation has certainly put me on the path to success. I have finally found an instructor, mentor, environment and workout that has impacted not only the way I look but how I feel. I feel strong, powerful and confident and I look leaner and more defined.

That being said, for all of us veterans of Goddess Creation, we know that it really is more than just a work out. It is a lifestyle! Sandra provides the tools that YOU need to reach and maximize your personal fitness and weight goals. Living the life of a carbohydrate junkie, I was ill-informed about the nutritional choices I was making. Sandra put me on the right path providing me with tips and tools in order to make the right choices for ME. Her knowledge about total well-being is invaluable and I cannot thank her enough for sharing her wisdom with me.   At the end of the day, I inhale feeling grateful for my body and exhale resistance to what is. Live long and burpie.Xoxo – Jessica S


….So I knuckled down did the work and with Sandra’s help and direction with food and classes I have released over 30 lbs and many many inches.
The real breakthrough for me though is that I’ve had days where I’ve fallen off the wagon and in the past that derailed me this time it hasn’t. As Sandra will tell me.. everything before today is the past, it’s gone! Today is all you have… So on a few occasions if I felt lousy about a bad day or days food wise / exercise wise, I check in with Sandra and she lifts me up with some kind, thoughtful and inspiring words and I’m back on track! Life is good! – Elaine


“I came to Sandra feeling truly stuck at the weight and fitness level I was. I was running a great deal and the weight just stuck. I figured I should just accept it. This past summer, my stress levels went up and I felt like I needed to take better care of myself. I joined bootcamp with the goal of just feeling better. I read all the testimonials on the goddess web site and figured I would never see the same results. I was going to be happy with even the smallest results, so I joined expecting this to be my next fad. Well…2 months later and I have magically achieved more than I dreamed I would! Just attending Sandra’s class and making some minor modifications resulted in me feeling better than I have in almost a decade. I didn’t think I would ever feel this good again in my own body. Boot camp has done that for me. I’m addicted! I’m thrilled at the clothes I can wear again and how many people have noticed a change in my body, my skin and my attitude. Thank you Sandra!”- Samantha O

Tighten and Tone your whole body

You’ll get FAST results you can actually SEE

(and other people will see it too… and won’t be able to help but ask you what you’re

doing to look so great all of a sudden)

Flatten your stomach

Get a kick-start on your motivation

… and KEEP it going strong from now on…

I’ll show you dozens of ways to make it EASY

Decrease stress and increase your energy

Cut your exercise time in half

with our super quick (and super effective) fast-paced workouts that are

scientifically PROVEN to force your body to burn more calories and more body fat

Tone and tighten your hips and thighs fast

Burn away the fat in your “trouble spots”

(like the jiggly stuff on the backs of your upper arms, that layer of fluff on

your stomach, or even that tiny little bit of junk in your trunk)

Finally forget about the up-and-down weight loss “yo-yo” effect where you just end up gaining all you weight right back…

I’ll show you the real secret to keeping your dream body for the rest of your life

Look more attractive

Feel better about the way you look in the mirror

(and finally cram a sock down the throat of that negative little voice that talks down to you every time you do)

Feel more confident

And Much,

MUCH More…

Look, I’m just going to be totally up-front  with you here… you can either keep wasting your time, energy,

and effort on gimmick diet programs and exercise gadgets that never work the way they say they’re going to…


You can finally get the results you want and deserve.

Join other like minded men and women, who just want to feel and look their best this summer.


Your current choices and actions have created the body and energy levels you now experience.

If you have read this far, you certainly see room for improvement.

You must decide to change your behaviors in order for change to be created in your body…..there is no other way.

It’s time to lose your unwanted weight, flatten  you stomach, and tighten and tone your hips and thighs so you can fit back into your clothes again, too….AND so you can finally feel better about your body,

 your energy levels, AND about the way you see yourself in the mirror.

You WILL get results this time. I guarantee it.


Don’t put this off anymore

Register Today ! Space is limited


Where: PrimeTime Personal Fitness and Boxing

When: Tuesday and Thursday 815pm – 915pm   All classes one hour

Starts Tuesday April 29th 815pm.   Session Ends Tuesday May 27th 815pm**

**No class Thursday May 29th. Makeup for this class held Saturday May 10th at noon.

Investment in Self – $197 plus tax for 5 weeks of bootcamp

DropIns $25 plus tax space permitted

I can’t wait to help you become one of our newest success stories.

Be well,

Sandra O’Brien


Personal Trainer

Yoga Instructor

Life Coach


If you’re ready to finally to lose  unwanted body fat, tone and tighten your body’s problem areas, and feel great  reserve your spot today! You are Worth It!! No one can do it for you!