BootcampGoddess Women Rock!

BootcampGoddess Women Rock!

Congrats to every one of you who made the decision to show up to camp regularly, on time and ready to rock!! I strongly encourage you to book an appt at the end of every session to get measured.  It’s a great tool to see if what you are doing is working, if your food choices support your efforts at camp.

For the record 10 women were measured.  These are the overall results:
#lb of muscle gained  25.5
#lb of fat lost  34
#of inches lost 74.75

Here are the highlights of those results!! Man you guys inspire me !!

Sabrina – lost 10lb fat, gained 9lb lean mass, lost a massive 16.74 inches overall and 8% body fat.  It is worth noting if we were only to look at what the scale said, her results would be she lost one pound in six weeks.  Clearly the number on the scale is not what is important nor does it tell the entire picture.

Iesha – lost 12lb fat, gained 6.5lb lean mass, lost 12.25 inches overall.

Cheryl – lost 14.25 inches and gained 4lb lean mass.

Magdi – lost 11.75 inches overall and 4.6 lbs

Jennifer T – gained 4lb lean mass

Lindsay – lost 7lb and 3.75 inches

Allison – lost 3.75 inches overall

Melanie P – lost 3.25 inches overall

Each of these women are at different and varied stages of their fat loss journey.  Each has given herself the gift of dedication, and increased health and energy.

What are you doing to ensure you do not become a holiday
stat of gaining 7lbs over the holiday season?

Register today and be the hottest gift under that tree! Nothing but a
big red ribbon and your birthday suit…hohoho! Tis the season :)

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