Changing The Brain’s Stressful Habits through Yoga

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Changing The Brain’s Stressful Habits through Yoga

This is a great article on one of the real benefits of yoga. For me, the greatest asset I have learned from yoga has been stay in the storm and be comfortable. Learning to be comfortable in the uncomfortable is a new way of being, a journey for sure, and something not learned in one yoga class. I hope you get some benefit from the article below………

Published on September 7, 2011 by Alex Korb, Ph.D. in PreFrontal Nudity

Three times a week at 7AM my Dad drives to a dance studio five blocks from the beach.  In the bright, hardwood room, which sits above a Radioshack, a muscular man with a shaved head and board shorts whispers instructions in a mix of English and Sanskrit.  My Dad, and the rest of the class – mostly lithe, tanned actresses and trophy wives* wearing black Lululemon tights – bend and twist into strange shapes.  The windows fog over with the moisture of their collective breath. Continue article here




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