Coed Again?

Coed Again?

There has been much rumbling lately about bringing back a COED camp.

Would you be interested in getting sweaty with your sweetie? Camp could also be open

to singles.  Let me know what you think and if you and a significant other are interested.

Camp would be held at JD Park Monday 745pm to 845pm and start May 10th thru June 28th

This could be alot of fun!! :) I can see many male vs female competitions waiting in the wings….

  1. Jennifer O'Leary
    Jennifer O'Leary05-02-2010

    Doesn’t matter to me either way.
    I know my sweetie wouldn’t be joining us, but I am ok if others do! No big deal… the more the merrier and watching guys go green and /or look for somewhere to barf is pure fun! :-) LOL
    Was that mean!?! :-)

  2. Melisia

    My man said he would do it!!!

  3. Janette Sasso
    Janette Sasso05-05-2010

    I must say that I enjoy the women only aspect to the camp. Having a co-ed camp will completely change the dynamics.

  4. Kristina

    Hey Sandra,
    My hubby and I and another bro/sis combo are interested in having a co-ed session. What have you decided?

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