December 1, 2011 Gratitude

December 1, 2011 Gratitude

So much has happened the past several weeks.  New people coming into my life, people who I thought would always be there leaving.

Life is nothing but change. When things stop changing, you know you have passed into the other realm of existence, and my guess is things change there also.

I am grateful for this knowing as my stress levels do not go hay wire at every little event that transpires. I go with the flow, live in flow and the knowing all is well, and is just as it should be…otherwise it would be different.

There was snow falling here yesterday in Toronto, I love the first snow fall, it’s so very beautiful.

And I am grateful for my seat heaters in the Jeep that get my buns toasty very quickly!

I am grateful that at 48 years of age, I am still excited every day about what will unfold the next 24hrs!

Love and Light to all,


  1. Bootcamp Goddess
    Bootcamp Goddess12-13-2011

    December 13th, 2011 Gratitude

    Grateful for….

    Very grateful for James who I have know for over 13 years. His friendship, kindness and ability to make me feel like a kid is the gift of gifts.

    -the seat heaters in my Jeep that get toasty very quickly.
    - Starbucks Grande Americano black and very hot
    - Organic red grapefruit, the best!
    - girlfriends, all of them who keep me smiling and centered when life throws curve balls from left field. Always better to laugh with someone
    - new friends and all the discoveries to be made about what makes them tick
    -the sunrise
    - the moon
    -Christmas vacation, to have all my kids in the same city


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