Do You Over Eat?

Do You Over Eat?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I ate Thanksgiving dinner like it was my last meal! Stuffing, potatoes, turnip, broccoli, yorkshire pudding…AND a healthy serving of apple crisp for dessert! Serious carb overload. I will be fasting all day Tuesday for sure.

Your challenge this week is to eat less overall and notice how you feel. This is assuming most you typically eat too many calories per day. How do you know? You have been attempting to lose fat for over a month, following a plan, paying attention to what you eat and you are not getting smaller. Your clothes are not getting looser, and you don’t feel “skinnier”.

Cut back 80% of your portions by 1/3. Notice if you are hungry, what are your energy levels like, how are you feeling overall? No one ever died from feeling hunger. Many times hunger is actually thirst. Make an effort to stay fully hydrated as you go thru this challenge. If you are “starving” have a glass of water. If still “starving” in half an hour then eat but don’t gorge.

Repeat this mantra often this week, ” Food is my friend. I eat enough to nourish my body and be energetic. I stop eating when satisfied and have learned to enjoy every bite. I know there will always be more food available to me the next time I choose to eat.”

I look forward to hearing what you feel and experience with this challenge.


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