Feb 16th Gratitude Blog

Feb 16th Gratitude Blog

I can’t believe we are mid Feb already! 2012 is zipping by faster than ever. Speaking to others, it seems like many are dealing with procrastination issues. Having so many projects on the go, a multitude of ideas to move on and yet, at the end of the day not much revenue generating activity has taken place. Discovering priorities is key, and committing to spending a couple hours a day on those will go along ways to moving projects into reality. Thankfully, we are given opportunity to move forward daily.

I am thankful for my kids, who have a long and wonderful history of doing things and saying things to make me laugh. They are my rock and grateful to have been blessed with 3 wonderful souls who picked me to be their mother.

Grateful for Jeff, who has shown me that unconditional love and acceptance exists. And going with the flow, stepping out of my comfort zone can be terrifying but what lays on the other side is beautiful.

Grateful for Bobby who is going to create amazing videos to bring BootcampGoddess and BootcampCoaching to the world

Thankful to have met so many wonderful women in the last round of LS deals, to have previous clients return, and new clients converting to full time Goddess’s.

I have been seeking advice from Parvati Devi and “The Team” for several years. Grateful for the insight they have again provided to allow me to move further  into positive possiblities to create more joy within me and live in flow, releasing resistance and being of service to all.

Make today better than yesterday, and expect tomorrow to be juicier than today!

Namaste, Peace out, be well,



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