Fitness: Fear Is An Inhibitor – Parvati Magazine

Fitness: Fear Is An Inhibitor – Parvati Magazine

Fitness: Fear Is An Inhibitor, by Sandra O’Brien

I literally laughed out loud when I saw the topic for this month’s article. Even the best of us fall off the wagon sometimes, and I have been stuck in many ways the past several weeks. Workouts were sporadic at best. My eating was… well, let’s just say there is plenty of room for improvement, and not mention my affair with coconut cappuccino ice cream! This stuck mode was even stalling my relationship with my man. I wanted to discuss a topic with him for weeks, but didn’t bring it up. I have been the queen of procrastination lately, stuck in the status quo and afraid to move forward. Fear, whether acknowledged or not, is a very powerful inhibitor.

This of course, brings up the question: what is there to be afraid of? To move forward, we typically must let go of something. What we need to let go of, is something we have held tight for a long time and have believed, at one time anyway, that it served us well. In letting go of the past thoughts and habits, we create space for the new: something, someone, some situation which is better than we now experience. The issue with the new is, well, it’s new, unfamiliar, and unknown. What if letting go of the familiar creates something other than what we desire? What if the outcome, the reaction from another, is not what we hope for? Is it better to live with things as they are, even if not in total joy, than to let go and experience the unknown? I say no way. To continue the article go here

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