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Fitness: Love Yourself – Parvati Magazine

” href=””>Fitness: Love Yourself, by Sandra O’Brien

Fitness: Love Yourself, by Sandra O’Brien

As a personal trainer, I have had hundreds of conversations with people about their bodies. Particularly how they are unhappy, frustrated, and sometimes even disgusted with their bodies. The ability to love oneself seems to be a lost art. Most are so very quick to judge how they look and their ability or inability to stay focused on goals.

Your body and energy levels are a result of what you have eaten, the workouts you have done and your mindset about your worth over the past several months, and maybe even years. There is nothing and no one with whom to find fault. If you are not happy with your body and energy levels, change your actions and you will create a new version of yourself. Love the body you now have; you created it, after all. Your body is what your soul uses to get the work done it came here to do. Not loving your body and yourself does nothing to serve you, nor those around you. If you are not able to unconditionally love yourself, how can you expect others to do so? How are you going to find it possible to love others unconditionally if you judge yourself? Read more Here

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