Get your Groove on this holiday season!

Get your Groove on this holiday season!

Sunday December 20th
4pm – 530pm
Fitness Fanatix

Join us and experience a new way to think about how we move our bodies. In a world telling us to follow suit, it is time to break free, explore our individual uniqueness and embrace our inner funky selves! Groove classes are fitness classes for the mind, body and soul. Participants (Groovers) are guided through active movements that promote self-expression and creativity – Groovin’ is exploring movement to great music to make your body feel good and to create vibrant health in your body. Classes infuse positive mind and body-image messaging and inspire participants to connect to their SELF. In discovering your body and how it wants to move and express, you will reveal a new attitude can permeate into all areas of your life, opening us up to a whole new way of being, a unique way of being, YOUR way.

Bring a non perishable food to be donated to the local fire hall food bank.

Email to register today.

Come celebrate the joys of the season and all you are!

Sandra O’Brien

  1. Lyn Pickering
    Lyn Pickering08-04-2010

    Sandra:Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your grooves class.Its so nice to move the way your body wants to move to the music without alot of hardcore structure.It was fun
    and still I was sweating.Thanks Lyn

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