Gratitude Blog

Gratitude Blog

As a Certified Law of Attraction coach ( I am very aware of how important being grateful is for manifesting the life you desire.

Being thankful for what you have in your life, as well as what is coming down the pipes for you is an integral part of living a life abundant in joy.

This is a space for you to share what you are grateful for in your life. Nothing is too big or too small to be grateful for.

Visit often and share. There is great power in writing and sharing your gratitude with others.



  1. Bootcamp Goddess
    Bootcamp Goddess11-18-2011

    Nov 18th 2011

    Today I am grateful to have had an hour and abit phone conversation with my son, Nico. He is away at university and very grateful he still wants to connect with his mother and catch on each others lives.

    Also grateful for the my clients who came to bootcamp tonight for a makeup camp. They are the reason I love what I do!

  2. Sandra

    Sunday, Nov 20th 2011 – today I am feeling very grateful for time spent with a very good friend talking and sharing stories and views about energy, 2012 and other “out there” topics. Also grateful for conversations and connections with new friends. Looking forward to tonights groove party with Jen at the studio!

  3. Bootcamp Goddess
    Bootcamp Goddess11-22-2011

    Tuesday, Nov 22/2011 – grateful for OmHarmonics meditation Cd’s I was gifted from attending AwesomenessFest in Maui. -grateful for Vishen posting on Youtube the mediation he took us thru at the conference.
    -grateful for 610am bootcamp clients, those ladies are the best!
    - grateful for advance greens at 540am
    - grateful for time with my daughter
    -grateful for hot water
    -grateful for a comfortable, warm bed and pillow to lay my head
    - grateful for my blackberry which keeps me connected to those who are important to me thru out the day
    -grateful for the knowing of I am a spiritual being having a linear experience

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