Grooves class coming to 1101 Clarkson Road!

Grooves class coming to 1101 Clarkson Road!

Grooves class has arrived to Bootcamp Goddess studio !

4 weeks of class (one a week) $37

Drop In $12/class

Starting Sunday January 22nd 715pm – 815pm

Email to register today!

In a world telling us to follow suit, it is time to break free, explore our individual uniqueness and embrace our inner funky selves!  Groove classes are fitness classes for the mind, body and soul.   Groovin’ is exploring movement to great music to make your body feel good and to create vibrant health in your body.  Classes infuse positive mind and body messaging and inspire participants to connect to their SELF.  In discovering your body and how it wants to move and express, you will reveal a new attitude which can permeate into all areas of your life, opening us up to a whole new way of being, a unique way of being, YOUR way.

You can’t get it wrong.


Grooves Testimonials -

I came to the class with no expectations other than to dance and have fun.  I found my self with my eyes closed, in dim light, moving randomly and freely, traveling around, bouncing with energy. I was grooving, exhilarated, aware but open and boundless and carefree. It felt so good to get out of my normal routine, constraints, let loose. I exercised a part of me that has been contained and repressed. – name withheld

I had it so tied up dancing with my being desirable for others I had never made the connection to moving my own body and grooving for me. Until I went to the Ecstatic Grooves party. There I discovered and found there is a pathway back to my groove, to that feeling of freedom, energy, excitement, movement.  It was just so much fun all the way around. – name withheld

I know that the Grooves party had a profound impact on me because when I was relaxing at the end I felt peaceful, relaxed, at ease, with no pain and warmth from happiness. The Grooves class helped me let loose and let my feelings out – they were being exercised too along with my body and dance moves! Thank you Sandra for the opportunities you create for each of us to be the best us possible! – name withheld

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