How to Survive SuperBowl Sunday 2010

How to Survive SuperBowl Sunday 2010

So here it is  Superbowl Sunday again!!  No doubt if you will be attending a party the wings, chips and dip, beer will be flowing.  I strongly suggest you have an intense workout before you go
to help with the caloric overload you most likely will consume! Here are a few ideas -

1. Go for a 20 min run if that’s your thing….and by run I mean 20 mins of sprints. Sprint phone pole to phone pole, or sprint every 6 driveways then recover and do it again.  Repeat 20 mins.

2  Do Ladders with burpees and pushups.  Do one pushup, one burpee, 2 pushups, 2 burpees, three pushups, three burpees….all the way to 9…then go back down the ladder, 8, 7, 6 etc.

3. 20 back lunges or jumping lunges with  10 T-plank with pushup  Complete 5 rounds.

Then go and enjoy the party!  Watch your portions however. Do not throw away an entire week of clean and healthy eating in a few hours.  Partake in the greasy, processed fat dripping foods
if you want but watch your portions please.  One bite at a time, put the food or fork down, chew it, swallow it, make love to it, wait at least 20 secs, preferably 60 then have another bite and repeat.  No mindless scarfing down food while watching the game allowed!  2 beer/drinks total. Period.

Go Saints Go!!


Be well,
Sandra O’Brien

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