Jane Fonda My First Fitness Icon


Jane Fonda My First Fitness Icon

jane fonda 3Jane Fonda is featured in this month’s Harper’s Bazzar Us Magazine. At 73 years young, she is stunning. In a photo displaying her age-defying figure in a sheer dress, she says, “I like showing off my waist and butt.” WOW, how cool is that? I hope at 73 years of age, I can say that.My kids won’t want to hear me say that, I get crap now for lesser statements. But you can be sure if my ass is worthy of showing off at 73, I will be showing it!


My first memory of Jane Fonda was from family members talking about her “unacceptable” behavior in Barbarella. I don’t recall the words spoken exactly but I do remember they were not impressed with her unladylike dress and behavior.  I think it’s HUD1967056K037what attracted me to here a few years later when she launched her workout videos. I wanted some of that off the grid, bad ass attitude!  “Jane Fonda’s Workout” sold 17 million copies, making it the bestselling home video ever and her an icon of this form of exercises (1982). To this day…...Continue reading here




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