Love Your Body, Love Your Self

Love Your Body, Love Your Self

“My body”, “my meat suit”, “the vessel I use to experience this planet”, whatever you want to call it, one fact remains: Each of us has only one body for this lifetime. How we fuel it, care for it, and maintain it, is solely up to the individual owner. Ideally, we hydrate it with clean water and energize it with whole, real food which has not been processed by man in an attempt to improve upon what Mother Nature has abundantly provided. Even though most of us probably have some idea how to eat for optimal health and energy, our mindsets towards our bodies are often very toxic. For many, it can even be to the point of self-loathing.

We don’t like the way we look because we carry too much body fat, or our skin is not clear enough, tight enough or smooth enough. The list of reasons we can find not to be in love with our bodies is long and varied. Becoming aware of these thought patterns, aware of our distaste for our bodies, is the first step towards loving ourselves more.


You cannot give to another what you do not possess yourself. Loving yourself unconditionally will open up and improve every relationship you have with others. Continue here….

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