P.O.E.T Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

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P.O.E.T Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Inspired by a FB friend, I have decided to start a daily practice called POET, from a book by Tim Sanders called Today We Are Rich. It’s a practice of acknowledging things you are grateful for.

P is for People

O is for Opportunities

E is for Experiences

T is for Things

Today, Sunday,  September 22nd, 2013 -

P – a women in this am’s yoga class. She loved my class and stayed after to ask questions and chat. Renewed my sense and purpose of why I love teaching fitness.  Also huge shout out to Rachel, for teaching a #badass #karma yoga flow tonight at PYC.

O – while on my mat at Karma class this evening, had a thought about the possibility of exploring a potentially sensitive conversation with a close friend…verdict is still out on if it’s best.

E – thrilled to be two essays down in in Post YTT training homework…two to go.

T – loving my new copper bracelet, it feels grounding to me.

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