P.O.E.T Wednesday, September 25th 2013

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P.O.E.T Wednesday, September 25th 2013

P is for People

O is for Opportunities

E is for Experiences

T is for Things

Today, Wednesday,  September 25th 2013 -

P – Jenn, for sharing her wisdom and insights with me and allowing all to be put into a more enlightened perspective.

O – to chat with my BF for an extended period of time. Life would not be the same without Caroline. Feeling blessed.

E – National Tree Day. Planted trees with fellow tree huggers in Oakville, Ontario. Certainly will do it again!

T – My Jeep. Today was sunny and warm, a perfect fall day. One of my favorite ways to centre and feel alive is to cruise with the top down and tunes screaming out some country tunes! Yes I love country and my Jeep!

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