Parveen Testimonial

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Parveen Testimonial

Parveen Karir, Registered Nurse, 39

I have known Sandra for over 6 years now. Everytime I see her, whether in person or online, I see a glowing goddess of love, inspiration and positive energy.
Sandra inspires me everyday to be my best, to love myself and others unconditionally. She is my motivator and inspiration. I would say that attending classes with Sandra has really opened my eyes to who I really am and who I should be. I was always good at complimenting others, but now, I focus on adding natural love and positive energy, especially to those who need a “pick me upper”.
I have been fighting depression for a couple of years now, which many people don’t know about. Anytime I have spoken with Sandra, she has given me much positive inspiration to heal and to get myself in a positive state of being. She has been really supportive and understanding as well, when I couldn’t come to her classes-she would send me a list of to do’s at home. I often think of Sandra when I am feeling down or stressed and I can feel myself relaxing, because of her natural love and positive energy she brings to each class and written messages.
So, if you have read my testimonial thus far, then I encourage you to make the connection with Sandra now to be inspired, motivated and loved.



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