Quality Protein Powder

Quality Protein Powder

I have been searching a long time for an excellent quality of protein powder to offer to bootcampers. Yes, real food is always best but for those times when you want a quick pre or post workout snack or you are on the road, a great quality shake will get you closer to your goals then going thru takeout!

I have discovered the finest grade ISO Whey casin whole milk protein powder. No soy, no sugar, lactose free, and no fillers. Available in 2.2lb tubs only. Sells for $62.50 a tub in stores

1 tub $45
2 tubs for $80
Chocolate, Vanilla or Plain

Email or call to order. I will be carrying this brand on an ongoing basis.

Nico, my son who is a AAA hockey player goes thru alot of protein powder!! He loves this one, and he has tried many brands. I use him as my testing ground for many products. Such a great kid!!


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