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dairy is unhealthy

75 % Of Earths Population Is Lactose Intolerant For A Reason: Dairy Is Harmful

I was never a “milk lover.” The movie, “Jaws”, the original, was released when I was perhaps eight or nine years old. There is a scene where the shark is captured and its belly slit open for the contents to fall out onto the deck.  The white internal goop which flowed from the shark, along with a shoe, a license …

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How to Decalcify your Pineal Gland

Here is an article from one of my favorite sites on the net, The Collective Evolution. The Pineal gland is our gate way to higher vibrations and consciousness. Here are a few facts and tips on how to unclog yours.   Calcification of the pineal gland is more often found in adults than it is in younger people. This is …

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A true relationship

“A true relationship is one where you are 100% yourself at each moment, without any concern of needing to play a specific role to maintain the relationship.” – Franco DeNicola

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