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30 Day Challenge Day 12 – 19 left

Sunday Day 12 10am Coffee with cream 11am litre of water with zija smart mix 1pm  Engagement party  till 5pm  Eating not ideal  green salad,  pasta salad, greek quinoa salad, cracker and hummus, small piece of cake. One beer 7pm  3oz white fish, greek salad 3 litres of water throughout day No workout – Day off

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30 Day Challenge Day 10 -21

830am  1hr walk   double shot of espresson on ice (Starbucks) 930am Workout of day – video 10am  carrot/apple ginger juiced 1230pm  Vegan chocolate protein shake, Sun Warrior with almond milk, aloe vera, coconut oil and sprout blend 2pm  Vegan black bean soup with slice of whole grain bread 3pm double shot of espresson over ice (Starbucks) Fasted remainder of …

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30 Day Challenge Day 9 -22

6am  litre of water with zija smart mix 930 Hot yoga, litre of water 1130  carrots, beet, ginger, apple juiced noon 3 dried dates 130pm  greens with feta cheese , olive oil and balsamic 3pm detox tea with 2 dates Made black bean soup and had a couple of tablespoons to sample Workout – Skipped for 10mins with jump rope. …

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30 Day Challenge – Prep for 49th Birthday! Day 1 -30

Wednesday, July 18th - 30 Day Challenge Day 1 Intro 830am double shot of espresso on ice Walked 1 hr 1030am – Warrior Blend Raw protein shake (chocolate) with 2 slices of banana and almond milk – 1/4 cup aloe vera, 1.5 tablespoon of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of BioLive flax, broccoli and chia sprouts noon – mixed greens with cold pressed …

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Weekly Challenge – Thursday July 12 2012

These are to be done in addition to your longer weekly workouts.  These are a little something extra to do on your off days to keep the blood flowing, joints lubricated, heart pumping and leave you younger than before.  This weeks challenge is inspired by Gigi Abdel-Samed who wants helps with firming triceps, getting ab definition ( we all know …

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COED Bootcamp June 20th Session Only

COED Bootcamp – Time is running out! Register before Friday, June 17th to book your spot in the hottest COED bootcamp in town! Have fun, burn fat, lose the jiggle, build muscle and strengthen your heart while battling it out with the opposite sex! Gather your male/female friends and let the games begin! June 20th thru to Aug 13th session …

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I am told blogging is the new thing to do. The  one thing an on top of her game business women must do to stay in the game.  Well, I do not think this is my thing but will give it  a go. I am not one for having everyone know what is going on with me. I would prefer …

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