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Vitality and Athletes

Molecular biologist, Rob Needlman PhD, talks about ageLOC science. Rob specifically covers why athletes will benefit from Vitality. Dr. Rob Needleman ageLOC science Link: Since Vitality has been on the market, we are finding that there is a small percentage of people who may take approx 60 days to “feel” or “notice” any benefits.  It is important to know, it …

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Vitality – Energy Product and So Much More

VITALITY Comments from Dr. Ingalls and patients… VITALITY is a new product from Pharmanex that contains three natural ingredients that are guaranteed to improve mental clarity, physical stamina, and libido for both men and women. The science behind the product is impressive.  Stanford University, LifeGen Technologies, and Pharmanex combined their efforts to create Vitality. Simply stated, the three natural ingredients, …

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Goddess Insight Sept 13th 2010

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Do you want to reverse aging at the source?

Watch to this 25 minute video, and see how it is possible to regain your youth with AgeLOC science. Promote physical vigor, mental acuity, and sexual desire.  Reset your youth gene clusters to promote vitality! Turn on the engine of your cells!  Fuel the mitochondria of the brain, heart andmuscle tissue like in your youth!  Get younger literally from the …

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