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Parvati Magazine – September Issue

The latest #parvatimag is live. This month’s theme is “Courage”. Coincidentally, it’s got a bold new look.    “Courage is to overcome fear via the extraordinary alchemical powers of the heart.” #parvatimag 

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1012 Power Pairs

Parvati Magazine – Play

I hope you are enjoying every moment of this amazing summer we are having so far. Yes, we indeed have had an abundance of rain and the benefit is everything is so very lush and green, almost tropical if you stretch your imagination a bit. The flowers are colourful and rich, even the bunnies seem to be out more frolicking …

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Parvati Magazine March 2013 Issue LIVE

Life is busy, and keeps getting busier. I don’t think it’s that we have more to do, it’s the fact time appears to be moving faster than ever before. I often hear from others, “Where has the time gone? It was just the end of January and here we are the beginning of April!” This quickening of time can leave …

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Avoiding Fall Weight Gain – Parvati Magazine

  Fitness: Avoiding Fall Weight Gain, by Sandra O’Brien It seems as though overnight the evenings have already turned cooler here in Oakville, signifying the return of Fall. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. There is something about the leaves changing colour, shorter days, a need for boots and a sweater, that gives me a feeling of …

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Love Your Body, Love Your Self

“My body”, “my meat suit”, “the vessel I use to experience this planet”, whatever you want to call it, one fact remains: Each of us has only one body for this lifetime. How we fuel it, care for it, and maintain it, is solely up to the individual owner. Ideally, we hydrate it with clean water and energize it with …

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Feb 16th Gratitude Blog

I can’t believe we are mid Feb already! 2012 is zipping by faster than ever. Speaking to others, it seems like many are dealing with procrastination issues. Having so many projects on the go, a multitude of ideas to move on and yet, at the end of the day not much revenue generating activity has taken place. Discovering priorities is …

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Developing a New Mindset is the Key to Having it All

Committing to a daily workout, minimum of four days a week, is key. What is the one sure way to ensure you do that? You must reprogram your mind. You must stop seeing yourself as someone who is on a diet, “trying “ to lose weight, fat, or pounds. Let’s say you are a non-smoker, on your way to the …

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Fitness: Recovery from Overindulgence

The season of overindulgence has passed. You survived or you wouldn’t be reading this. How much damage was done is open to perception. Did you go for seconds at the family events? Did you fill up on potatoes, gravy, pies and bread? Or were you tipping the elbow? If you enjoyed both food and drink with wild abandonment, you are …

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Parvati Magazine – October Issue 2011

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