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Happiness arrives not in the absence of problems, , but in the absence of rules about when you can feel it. Just let it be, The Universe

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Planet Earth Space

10 Things People Take for Granted

The top 10 things people claim to have taken for granted, when they were alive: 10. How important they were to so many. 9. How easy life was when they stopped struggling. 8. That all of their prayers and thoughts were heard. 7. That there really were no coincidences. 6. How far ripples of their kindness actually spread. 5. What …

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What if you really do create everything in your reality?

Life doesn’t give folks a break. Nor does it test you. Nor is there any such thing as good luck, fate, or destiny. On the other hand, your thoughts become things. Which pretty much means you get to rule your world. Better than winning the lottery! The Universe Mike Dooley To read the rest of the article go here :  …

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