Teen Goddess Creation

8 Week Body Image and Fitness Mentoring program for teenage girls between 15 – 18  years of age.

Program will begin soon.

This 8 week workshop will be life changing for those who attend.  Current thought patterns will be questioned and they will come to a new understanding of who they are and  a new creation of who they wish to be. The actions and thoughts of the past have no bearing on the future. We are always capable of growth, all that is required is desire.

*Young woman will learn tools to truly live in the attitude of “It’s none of my business what you think of me.”

*Girls will learn they are beautiful inside and out because they will come to know they are. What society dictates as “perfect” or “desired” will no longer be relevant.

*She will learn to accept and love her own unique ways so she can become more accepting of others. She will shine brighter, feel more alive, more worthy and more at peace than before. She will discover she is not alone, that we are all more alike than different.

*We will discuss how what you eat effects your skin, hair, energy levels and mood.  They will look at their circle of influence, friends, family, society and decide if it supports their happiness. And if not what to do about it.

*Thoughts are things – she will learn how reprogramming her thoughts will open up new possibilities in life, relationships and career choices.

*Use it or lose it – she will engage in a full body workout to burn fat, sculpt muscle, become more flexible and burn mega calories. This workout is suitable for all fitness levels. Couch potato to jock.

This is a 8 week workshop. Girls will attend 2 sessions a week for 8 weeks.  30 to 45 minutes will be a full body workout including stretch, and the remainder will be mentoring.  Mentoring will take place in large and small group discussion, creative art work, self reflection just to name a few. The workshop is limited to 12 participants.

Investment: $697 for 8 weeks per person tax extra

Split payment available. Cash or Chq. Credit card thru PayPal, extra charges apply

Financial challenges are not to deter you from enrolling your child. Please email me directly and we can discuss a win-win situation.


Call me at 416.706.6378 or email to speak with me to find out if this program is for you and to reserve your spot.