Testimonial by Kelly

Testimonial by Kelly

Just wanted to say THANK YOU x1000000 for your continued support over the past year and for helping me meet my fitness goals (not that I’m 100% there but man, closer than I have EVER been!). I can’t BELIEVE 2010 is already over, and that I have stuck with the program for a full year.  Even though my last measurements may not have reflected how I felt, (haha damn Christmas holidays) I can honestly say that I have never felt better; I have never believed the notion of “they’re just numbers” more than this time around that’s for sure!  Between continuing to feel my pants get a tad bigger (could it be that I MAY have to go to a size 4?  Crazy to think that!) and having to get my ring re-sized since it was flying off my finger on me, the benefits and results continue to amaze me, as does your constant enthusiasm and motivation and ever-changing camps.  I’m excited for another exciting year ahead, and it’s so great to see that so many others have jumped on the Boot Camp Goddess bandwagon!

Kelly W

January 2010

Long time camper  woot woot!!

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