Testimonial from Eleanor

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Testimonial from Eleanor

Sandra O’Brien never ceases to amaze me.  A few years back (post the age of 40 body change) she undertook the die hard task of reshaping my figure, and lifestyle.  Regular exercise classes combined with healthy eating resulted in that pre-40 figure.  Now onto the next plateau .. yoga!  During the summer I had the opportunity to gather by Lake Ontario to  enjoy (actually, endure :-) one of Sandra’s  yoga classes.  It was a full body workout comprised of thorough stretching, toning and relaxation.  Her coaching technique, along with finite attention to our poses, was quite impressive.  A further treat was that she assumed the responsibility of my husband AND my eight year old daughter.  All are now initiated into the life of yoga.  Thanks Sandra for such a pleasurable experience!

Eleanor – 40 something


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