Testimonial Jessica S

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Testimonial Jessica S

I have known Sandra almost 3 years.

 Since meeting Sandra, I have changed the way that I view “being active”. For most of my adult life I was training and eating a certain way and as I moved into my 30′s it came to a point where I was not getting the best results for “me” anymore. I learned to not to let my mind get in the way of telling me that I am not doing ‘enough’ or “should” be doing more, going harder. I now stop to enjoy the process and know that my body appreciates the support that I give it daily.
Sandra showed me how simple tweaks in your diet and athletic training can have an amazing  impact in over all health, well being and body shape.
“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” (Mahatma Gandhi) I am not sure if Sandra ever used this quote directly but this is certainly the inspirational message that I received from her.I dropped foods and meal choices that I was used to and switched to options that are better suited to my lifestyle now.

I would recommend Sandra to women of all ages, shapes and athletic ability who wish to treat their bodies and minds to inspirational and motivational workouts and surroundings.
Join now. Don’t wait!! Sandra will provide the support that you need on your fitness journey. Not only motivating you to achieve your fitness goals but also inspiring overall mind and body wellness.
Jessy Stachiw

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