Testimonials Make Me Happy!

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Testimonials Make Me Happy!

Receiving emails like this makes me beyond happy. Knowing I make a difference in another’s life is rewarding beyond what mere words can express. I have always felt a love for coaching others to see life from a different perch, in hopes their perspective will bring new insights and a new way of being. To also have formed so many friendships in the process, is icing on the cake!


Thank you so much for reaching out – I really miss you!

#Thankyou for continuing to hear me, teach me, and show me to expand my way of viewing all that surrounds me. You are a being like no other and #Iloveyou for that. I woke up this morning after our conversation totally #ignited; everything you shared with me really resonated – and I did not realize this until I was on my mat in practice this morning. I just started letting go of my week, my month, and thoughts on what I think my future holds or what I need to do to shape it… #Itfeltamazing ;) and I owe that to you.

One moment I am thinking about how hard everything has been and the next I am thinking about how strong I am and there is a lot more out there for me to conquer. You are so right about looking at the potential in the good and bad things that may happen to us. I know now that I am not being tested, but being challenged to open my eyes and mind to all potential and have been given an incredible gift to make something great with these experiences.

I have so much to be grateful for, and today, I am most grateful to be given these challenges, because only the strong are asked to face them.

So again, thank you for your insight and wisdom – I am so proud to be your friend. – Chels

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