In the two weeks that I’ve taken Bootcamp Goddess, I’ve lost a pants size! I’ve gone from size 11 pants to a size 10, and my tops fit me so much better! Everyone has been telling me that they’re seeing a change in my weight and complimenting the way I look, which is such an self esteem boost! Thanks to all your advices, I’ve become more aware of what I’m eating and have actually stopped drinking pop (this is huge for me!), I stay away from processed foods, and have finally put my treadmill to use after a long time! My diet is so much better and I feel great. I’m seeing a really positive change in myself in such a short period of time. Thanks for being so patient with me and motivating me to push myself more and more each class, knowing you believe in me makes me believe in myself too. Thank you for being so supportive, you’re truly an inspiration. I’ll definitely continue to spread the word about Bootcamp Goddess! – March 2012

Sarah H

All my life I have been very active and found athletics came very easily to me. I have been swimming since I was less than three and running with my Dad since I was 10 or 11 however along came 2007 and the birth of my first child & 40lbs. That weight came off fairly easily but the birth of my second child exactly two years later in 2009 and another 40 pounds did not! I went up and down from 2009 until 2011 and then I went to a wedding in August 2011 and saw pictures of myself and I looked like I was pregnant all over again!
Reality check time! A dear friend of mine Jennifer O’Leary suggested I talk to Sandra and see if Bootcamp Goddess would do for me what it did for her three years ago when she shed an incredible 80lbs.
I met with Sandra in September and we talked for almost two hours about where I was emotionally with food, life etc and she pulled no punches! She was honest, direct and gave me a good talking to that made me realize how I had let everything become more important than I was. I was more worried about my kids, my husband, my family .. on and on the list went and I was way down at the bottom. So I knuckled down did the work and with Sandra’s help and direction with food and classes I have released over 30 lbs and many many inches.
The real breakthrough for me though is that I’ve had days where I’ve fallen off the wagon and in the past that derailed me this time it hasn’t. As Sandra will tell me.. everything before today is the past, it’s gone! Today is all you have… So on a few occasions if I felt lousy about a bad day or days food wise / exercise wise, I check in with Sandra and she lifts me up with some kind, thoughtful and inspiring words and I’m back on track! Life is good!

March 2012

In the Fall I came across a great deal for Bootcamp classes – since I’d done them before, I figured, Great! Little did I know that I was not only about to participate in one of the best Bootcamp classes I’ve ever taken, but that I’d meet someone as motivating, thoughtful and caring as Sandra. First – the workouts. The structure of the classes are varied and always interesting. Everyone is encouraged to move at their pace, but never to slack off. Sandra is encouraging and motivating, yet she’ll call you out when she knows you can do more and push harder. The atmosphere in camp is friendly, fun and challenging, and despite being sore and sweaty at the end, most days you leave with a smile on your face.

But more importantly than the great workouts is Sandra. She is supportive, knowledgeable and truly cares about how each person is doing. She has been incredibly supportive to me, above and beyond anything that I could have asked for. Sandra truly wants everyone to live the best lives possible, to be as healthy as possible and to be as happy and centered as possible. Her personal attention has kept me coming back for a third session in a row. She is truly fabulous in every sense of the word. If you’re thinking about signing up, don’t think for another second. Just do it. You won’t regret it.

Feb 2011

Lisa B

“I came to Sandra feeling truly stuck at the weight and fitness level I was. I was running a great deal and the weight just stuck. I figured I should just accept it. This past summer, my stress levels went up and I felt like I needed to take better care of myself. I joined bootcamp with the goal of just feeling better. I read all the testimonials on the goddess web site and figured I would never see the same results. I was going to be happy with even the smallest results, so I joined expecting this to be my next fad. Well…2 months later and I have magically achieved more than I dreamed I would! Just attending Sandra’s class and making some minor modifications resulted in me feeling better than I have in almost a decade. I didn’t think I would ever feel this good again in my own body. Boot camp has done that for me. I’m addicted! I’m thrilled at the clothes I can wear again and how many people have noticed a change in my body, my skin and my attitude. Thank you Sandra!”

November 2011

Samantha O

I had first joined Bootcamp Goddess because of an opportunity I found online. I told myself that I’d do it for the 8-weeks but then move on to something different once my session ended. Fast forward four sessions later and I still found myself doing lots of burpees and squats along side my fellow bootcampers. I was hooked!

I was always an active person however no matter how much I worked out, my weight would never go down or would increase. Being part of Bootcamp Goddess, Sandra O’Brien provided me with the knowledge and motivation I needed to obtain my personal goals. She helped me to create a healthy personal diet within my comfort zone, and with an intense workout three times a week, I am now in the best shape I have ever been.

In addition to physical fitness and dieting, Sandra helped me to appreciate myself as a person and helped to change my perception on things, adding more positivity in my life.

Joining Bootcamp Goddess was one of the best decisions I made. Not only did I see the immediate physical results but I was able to take a lot away with me to keep going.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me Sandra!

Carine P.
Bootcamper since November 2010

Carine P.

Participating in the past eight weeks of co-ed bootcamp has motivated us more than we ever thought possible. Having an hour a couple of nights a week where we can escape without kids and push ourselves to the limit has done wonders to strengthen our bodies, clear our heads, sleep better, have more energy and has reminded us of just how much we’re attracted to each other! No matter what the day has thrown at us, we rely on each other to get out that door and after 60 minutes with Sandra the stress is a distant memory. We can’t imagine doing anything else that has this huge a return on our investment. Thanks Sandra!

November 2011

-Natalie & Mark Cichy

Kelly W.I have been a Boot Camp Goddess for almost a year, and Sandra, I can’t thank you enough for all of the positive changes I have been able to witness in myself.

For the first time, I have taken full responsibility of what I put into my body, and have been ecstatic with the results of what I’m getting out of it. The brand new wardrobe and the joy I now get out of shopping aside, the results have come in all forms: clearer skin, deeper sleeps (and no cat naps after work!), muscles and lines on my body I didn’t know even existed, and best of all, a workout routine with a great group of ladies who are all striving for the same thing.

Each class continues to be different from the last, and each session brings an innovative change that keeps us coming back for more. I look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday, knowing that a good workout is on it’s way. I now realize the utmost importance of a balanced diet and intense physical activity, even if it’s for 10 minutes a day.

Sandra, thank you for being such an amazing motivator on my journey to become the person I strive, and know I can, be! I may be close to my initial goal of where I want to be, but I know that once it’s reached, I will forever remain a Boot Camp Goddess! :)

Kelly W.
camper since Dec 2009

I got in to my size 6 skinny jeans this weekend! Haven’t had been able to do them up comfortably in 6 yrs. What a thrill!

Tristan C.
September 2010
Camper for 10 weeks

I was 6 weeks post partum and randomly looking on the internet for something to help me regain my strength post baby, when I came across Sandra’s website. I immediately emailed her and got a quick response, and started my first bootcamp the next day!

I had never felt so out of shape in my life when I started her classes but I began to regain strength very quickly and started feeling more like my former self.

After listening to her diet recommendations, I began to pay more attention to what I was eating and realized that I could make better choices almost every time. It is hard to believe such small things can have such a large impact!

After 8 weeks of camp I feel like a totally different person and am well on my way to my ideal post baby body. I can even do ‘real’ push ups now ;)

Christina A.
September 2010
Released 7% bodyfat, 10lb fat and gained 4lb muscle

Boot Camp for me has been a life changing experience.

Nasha Mirza
camper for 2 years

I started Bootcamp on May 3rd as a way to get back in shape after my long distance running was ended due to a knee injury. I was looking for a way to regain the strength I had when I was running. I have definitely felt the pain that a good workout can bring after running several marathons but none of that had prepared me for the day after my first Bootcamp with Sandra. I had to fly to Phoenix and I must admit I was unsure if I could get off the plane after sitting for 4 hours I was that sore. As much as I was in pain after the first class it did get better and after eight weeks, I have lost 12lbs of fat and gained 8lbs of muscle.

More importantly I feel great and have tons of energy. Thank you Sandra for helping me regain the strength I had lost and for showing how what I eat is related to how I feel.

camper since May 2010
Released 8.5% body fat, 12lb fat and gained 8lb muscle

All the girls in our morning class worked so hard and I am very excited by what I have been able to achieve along side them. Prior to joining Bootcamp Goddess I worked out at a gym with a personal trainer 3 times a week and within the 12 months of doing so never did I achieve the results I did with you and your program.

Thank you so much for not negotiating on what you expect of your clients. Although I thought I’d have extreme difficultly complying with the no alcohol and no Ruffle potato chip rule, stopping cold turkey was really the only way to go. I owe a great portion of my results to completely cutting out Ruffles for the last 8 weeks (never to go back I might add) and cold turkey on the alcohol consumption for the first 4 weeks and very moderate intake (by pre 8 week standards) for the last 4 weeks.

The big difference I found between your program and the gym was your commitment to not only our work outs but to our eating habits and what we actually consumed on a daily basis. At the gym there were no pre and post measures, no healthy eating assessments, no guidance and no establishment of personal health or fitness goals. It was your commitment in this area that I respect the most. The change was hard at first but the benefits soon out weighted the cons.Within the first few days of cutting out all processed and boxed or packaged foods, as you recommended, I was sleeping throughout the night where prior I’d wake up once or twice without fail.

I found making the change was more about awareness of what I ate and not about depriving myself of what I should not eat. Sure I had the sugar cravings the first few weeks but keeping my sights of the bigger goal of reducing my body fat percent (I couldn’t believe my initial reading!!) soon put that to rest! I was more aware of what exercise I actually did (or didn’t do) on off days and made a conscious effort to move, garden, ride my bike, anything to keep the fitness piece in check.

Funny, when I put my mind to it, it really didn’t take much to get the results. Thanks for sharpening my awareness and for your guidance along the way. I highly recommend you and your program to anyone wanting to make a lasting change.

Camper since April 22,2010
Lost 7.5% body fat, 12lb fat, 9.5 inches gained 2.5lb muscle in one session

Joining Bootcamp Goddess has been one of the best decisions I have made….just for me! Sandra is that ‘super smart motivating best friend’ we all wish we had. If you are ready to make a change for the better this is the BEST place to start!! After my 2 beautiful daughters were born, the baby weight was just not coming off….a whopping 82 lbs with my first and 78 lbs with my second. A friend of mine heard of Bootcamp Goddess, so I called Sandra to set up a meeting. She continuously reminds me of my motivations; to feel healthy and strong…losing a few pounds along the way doesn’t hurt either.Sandra will help you find your motivation and help you stay on track. This woman is incredible!! Get involved before she is swooped away by the celebrities…

Sandra, thank you for everything….your time, your patience, your genius….and most of all for reminding me that my well being is the most important thing….especially now not just for myself, but for my two beautiful daughters too…..Thank you, Sandra!!

camper since May 2010

I appreciate the contributions that Bootcamp has made to my life. Thank you for all of your guidance, support, efforts to help us (& me in particular) become the best we can be! I truly appreciate your influence… I know I wouldn’t be as strong (mentally & physically) as I am today if I hadn’t met you! For that I …am very grateful!


Jennifer O’Leary
Bootcamper since Sept 2008

It’s been two and half years since I made the first call to Sandra, inquiring about this “scary” thing called Goddess Creation. Scary I say because, yes, part of me was terrified. I look back and laugh, as I’m sure many of my fellow Goddess’ do when they think back to their initial feelings of starting this crazy journey. It was a decision I made strictly for me – I was sick of looking of photographs and feeling unhappy about what I saw staring back me. Maybe that’s what was so scary about it – how often do we make decisions just for us alone? Let’s just say, it was easily the best decision I have ever made.

Sandra is the most supportive Goddess out there and right away, when I made it through my first class and realized that it certainly wasn’t as scary as I thought, I signed up for more classes. That was December of 2009, and I haven’t looked back since. In two years, I have failed to be at a class that is the same as one previous – sure, Sandra loves her burpees, Spider Man’s and body rollers, but you’re never going to do the exact same sequence twice. But by incorporating these some common elements each class I am able to tell that I have made leaps and bounds since Day 1, when I couldn’t even remember what a burpee was in the first place.

I’ve lost many inches, pounds of fat, gained muscle, but it pales in comparison to what cannot be measured with a measuring tape: the better nights of sleep, the clearer skin, the increased energy levels, the deep knowledge and understanding of how what goes in my mouth can affect my body and the increased confidence I have in myself overall. Sandra helps you to become aware of your whole self, and you quickly realize that Goddess Creation isn’t a quick fix, but a lifestyle. Learn from Sandra and before you know it, it becomes second nature to drink 3 litres of water a day, or to say no to that bowl of ice cream. But you will also learn that if you don’t say no to the ice cream, it’s not the end of the world. I haven’t had to “cut”my favourite treats out of my life, but rather, “limit” them, and I have come to enjoy that ice cream so much more because of it.

Working out used to be a chore, but now it’s a habit, a good one, one that I can’t imagine breaking. Miss a workout, go back next week and do an extra one, but know that you will legitimately MISS going. Goddess Creation is a great way to clear your mind and treat your body to something that will push it beyond its limits. Sandra will help you embrace those limits and teach you how to get past them, and that is a great feeling.

Don’t hesitate – become a Goddess and make it the best decision you ever made too.

Kelly W.
camper since Dec 2009

xmas 2009 a year laterLast year at this time I would have told you that I reached my goal, that I was done, that didn’t want to lose anymore, I was pretty content with myself. Looking back throughout this past year I have done unbelievable things, pushed myself in ways I never thought possible… completing a 10k, a Triathlon, and losing an additional 15lbs since when last years picture was taken. Continuing with bootcamp 3 days a week in combination with healthy clean eating and cardio on my non bootcamp days have kept me on track.

I’m so lucky to have met you (Sandra), you still (even after almost 2 years) motivate me everyday. It has been a gift to have you by my side, cheering me on, pushing me. You are an amazing person, trainer & friend!
Thank you :)

December 2009

You rock ! I’ve never been so motivated to work out before!

camper since March 2010


Just wanted to say I Love coming to bootcamp. The past five months has challenged me to move my body in ways I never thought I could and to also challenge myself to change the way in which I perceive the world. Your guidance and support has helped me to relax more and take things in stride. One of the most important things I learnt from you and always remember is “to observe more and react less.” This has helped in all aspects of my life. So thank you for helping me to feel healthy, both mentally and physically, and for the first time in a long time comfortable in my own skin!


Jan 2010

Sandra, I would like to thank you for keeping me motivated over the past 8 months in bootcamp! When I started I never thought bootcamp would change not only my physical well-being but also my spiritual well-being. Your positive attitude about life and your energy have helped me to become a more positive person, and I believe this has helped me to achieve my dream of attending law school.
Thank you so much!!!

Love Sarah
March 2010

BootcampGoddess has improved my eating habits, my health and physical ability… empowered me mentally with a feeling of accomplishment after each session, allowed me the opportunity to meet new people, see results in one session, and challenge my self physically.

Lisa Bagshaw

Sandra certainly cares as an instructor about each student and their overall health which is a personal touch that I’m sure is not common with the other bootcamps.

Samantha Thomson

The initial assessment is very informative and provides a good starting point. I also like the fact that there are goals set at the very beginning and a follow up at the end of the session.

Stacey Noakes

I don’t feel intimidated as a newbie. You encourage me where I’m at. You motivate us quietly. I couldn’t handle anyone barking at me.

Elizabeth Layne

The community fitness classes now feel like little warm-ups compared to the workout I get with Bootcamp Goddess.

Michelle West

I joined at the end of March 09 and am on my way to having lost over 10 inches and nearly 20 lbs with my fair share of cheat days. It is hard, rewarding work that I now look forward to doing every week.

Michelle West
May 09

BootcampGoddess has made me feel healthier and more self confident…in a bikini! Finally am getting back into shape after 2 kids.

Shelley Findlay

BootcampGoddess has made a positive influence on me and my interactions in the world. I also really like the quotes – positive, inspirational, kick ass etc. that you include – they are often little gems that allow you to look at things just a little differently and inspire me to treat myself a little more kindly!

Jennifer O’Leary