Nomination for Mom Entrepreneur Award 2010

Sandra was nominated for The Savvy Mom Entrepreneur Award of the Year 2010.

Here’s what people had to say:

“There have been few people in my lifetime who have really influenced me and I have to say that Sandra is one of them.  She has had such a positive effect on me, how I see food, how I can accept my body and be good to myself, and how to have a positive outlook each day. When I first met Sandra, I was overwhelmed, a little apprehensive, and quite unsure of myself, but once I got started, and got to know Sandra, things seemed to fall into place. I have lost weight, inches, and have more energy and confidence thanks to her. With her encouragement, advice, and my hard work, I can be a better me.
Thank you Sandra for all you’ve done. I have not only found a teacher at Bootcamp Goddess, but a friend in you too.”

Good Luck!
-Rita C


“If it wasn’t for Sandra I would have never be able to feel good about myself and motivate myself everyday to make changes for the better and healthier. If it wasn’t for this wonderful, inspiring women I would have never fitted into my beautiful wedding dress. She has changed so many lives whom I have seen go through this life style change (myself included). I believe Sandra should win as as she is dedicated and passionate about women knowing their true worth and keeping them positive on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. You Rock Sandra”

-Heather W


“Good Luck Sandra”



“Sandra is a wealth of knowledge and information. She has made an impact on the lives of many people in my life including myself. Thanks for all of your hard work Sandra, it is definitely not hard to see where your passion lies and we all get to benefit from that passion”

-Laura M


“Here’s routing for you! Sandra and her program have impacted so many lives in such a positive way. She deserves to win this! Thanks Sandra for everything – miss ya”

-Tanya P


“This woman is incredible”.

-Robbie O


“Sandra is a very positive person and makes you feel good about yourself and life.She has helped me realise life is good and what you make it.She is into healthy living and helps out everyone.We need more Sandra’s and she definitely deserves to win.She is a great inspiration and role model to her children and others.Thanks Sandra for everything-hope you win so you can spread your positive energy even wider.”

-Lyn P


“Sandra is one of the most amazing women i’ve met in my life!  I’ve been attending bootcamp on and off for the past 2 years and every time i’m not there, I miss it and her immensely!  Not only is she an amazing trainer, but she is also an amazing mother, role model, and friend.  You would think that having your butt kicked in every class would make you hate it, but Sandra makes you LOVE it. She pushes you and makes you truely beleive that you can do anything. Every class is filled with a ton of laughs and makes working out enjoyable! “

She turns all of her clients into friends, and is there for you to go talk to about anything – whether it be about working out, meal plans, or just life in general! – during, or outside of class!

I’m so glad to have met Sandra and have her as a part of my life! She definitely deserves to win this so she can continue to do what she does best- being an amazing influence and changing people’s lives for the better!


-Christine S


“Sandra is not only smart, savvy and gorgeous- she has a wonderful heart, and truly cares about each and every one of her clients.  She is MORE than deserving of this award.

-Claudia L


“we set the path that we want to walk….
be positive in every step we take and all else will fall into place…love you hunny!!!!”

-Patricia B


“Sandra is a wonderful role model for women. She makes you believe you are worth investing time and effort into being the best “you”, you can be. Her program and guidance have helped me and I’m sure many other women feel better, look better and be healthier. Best of luck to you.”

-Atti M


“Sandra, I wish you the best of luck! You deserve this, hope you win!”

-Violeta I


“Bootcamp Goddess caters to women, knows women and imbibes I AM consciousness into her practice. Sandra is a go getter a positive energy and beautiful conscious business practitioner. I really wish that you win!”

-Rishi G


“Sandra has helped me make positive, life-long changes and is an instrumental part of my life as a trainer and friend! and of course a Fabulous Mom!!!”

-Lorna S


“Sandra was instrumental in me feeling awesome about myself after my son was born – almost 3.5 years ago now! I wish I had the time to keep attending her bootcamp – without her motivation and support, I really would not have been able to feel as good. You deserve this, Sandra!”

-Deepika G


“I have seen the influence Sandra has had on my daughters. Encouraging them and pushing them to better and better. She is an amazing woman and deserves to win this contest. Thanks for everything you have done and for becoming such a good friend to them both………”

-Brenda R


“There are few women in my life who I’d credit who have helped me to become the person that I am today, Sandra is definitely one of them!

Sandra and I have been on a journey together for over 2 years now, I don’t even want to imagine where I would be if we didn’t meet. She motivates me everyday! She is a great friend.

I have seen the relationship that she has with her children – amazing! Her children are fabulous and strong individuals. I can see a lot of her strength in them. In witnessing this I have learned about the importance of balance. We ARE able to have it all – health, family, profession, love and happiness.

Winning The Savvy Mom, Mom Entrepreneur of the year award will enable her to reach out and changes so many more lives for the better! Sandra & Bootcamp Goddess deserve to win this!”

-Meaghan M


“Sandra is an expert in her field. Its great to see someone so motivating to help other women. :)”

-Natalie H


“Sandra is truly an inspiration to us all. Her wisdom, her compassion, and, not least, her unique motivational ability that makes everyone that she is in contact with strive to be the best person that they can be, within and without.

Truly a very gifted Mom Entrepreneur !”

-Harvey C


“Sandra is a very positive and hardworking person. Her business has made and continues to make a difference in the lives of so many. Sandra, you have my full support and my fingers are crossed for you!”

-Karen M


“For almost 1 year I have attended Sandra’s classes and the change in my life is wonderful. I look better, have more energy and am more patient with my girls.  Sandra is a wonderful role model for living life to the fullest and very deserving of this award.”

-Allison H-D

“I had a chance to meet Sandra a couple of months ago and I have to tell you she is very inspiring to me. She has one of the truest spirits that I have come across in a long time!”

-Tammy M


“Sandra is beyond deserving of this wonderful award. She is a fantastic trainer – she is nurturing, honest, helpful, and friendly and she still kicks your ass during the work out. Sandra truly believes in her clients – who turn out to be friends for a long time.

Sandra is beyond deserving of this wonderful award. Keep up the great that you are doing.

Stacey E