Things to get excited about!

Things to get excited about!

I am thrilled the old gym space  in the 1101 Clarkson road location is gearing up to open again. New management, new concepts, tons of classes and services! We are looking for a September 2011 opening. Cycling classes will begin in June 2011 with Kick ass instructors and swanky new bikes!
If cycling is your thing – Get Excited! Stay tuned for details!

Summer of 2011 I will be launching a program for Teenage girls to burn fat, get fit and get to the core of who they are. This will be a 4 week program 3 days a week. Details to follow.

A Bootcamp Goddess Membership site will be launching in the next few months. For less then the cost of your weekly sugary Starbucks habit, you will get access to workouts, exercise library, weekly meal plans, recipes, meditation, motivation and a blog. Watch for details!

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