Which would you prefer to look like?

Which would you prefer to look like?

Which is sexier?

Both these women are a size 2.  Both look good, but the one one the right  is hotter, atleast I think so.  The main difference other than the tan is the amount of muscle each has. Muscle mass depletes as we age.  It’s the old use it or lose it mentality.  You will never get the look you desire, dense, toned jiggle free muscle by losing muscle mass. You will never achieve the look you desire by cardio. Period, not ever.  Not if your goal is to look less like the women on the left and more like the women on the right.  You must do some form of resistance training. No, you will not get man arms.  Not in my program anyhow.  You burn more calories, are stronger, and just down right sexier with more muscle on your body ladies!  Ask any guy and let me know what they say about it.   Not that we workout for anyone but ourselves but you can’t dispute the entertainment factor men can provide…but that’s another post ;)

Peace out! Always have wanted to end a post that way LOL can cross that one off the list!

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