You Eat What For Breakfast?

You Eat What For Breakfast?

When it comes to your health, and body fat, nothing is worse or contributes to more body fat than sugar!

Here are a few common breakfast cereals. Most cereals are nothing more than candy in a box, marketed to tell you it’s good for you! Ha, sure good if carrying excess fat and ingesting HFC’s and chemicals is what you are all about!

You must get in the habit of checking labels if you insist on eating packaged “foods.”
Choose brands of cereals that are lower than 5 grams per servings.

So, how many grams of sugar are contained in these breakfast treats?

  1. Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters contains 13 g of sugar per serving and it contains high fructose corn syrup.
  2. Raisin Bran Crunch contains a whopping 20 g of sugar per serving (That’s a one cup serving, most people eat 2 cups) and it also contains high fructose corn syrup listed three different times on the label within other ingredients!
  3. Quaker’s Instant Oatmeal Maple and Brown Sugar Flavor contains 12 g of sugar per packet.

4.  Crunch N Munch’s Buttery Toffee Popcorn with Peanuts contains 13 g of sugar per serving, with its first ingredient being sugar, and its second ingredient being corn syrup, with partially hydrogenated oils close behind.

OK, so #4 isn’t really a cereal but contains less sugar then the Raisin Bran “healthy cereal.”

You must read labels and not get duped by marketing!

You only get one meat suit per life time sista! Fuel it with processed, chemical laced junk, and expect it to run out of vitality and life substantially quicker than it needs too!

Quality of life is what rocks! Fuel your body with real food. Foods that once flew, swam, ran, grew on a tree, vine or in the ground. Foods bursting with colours and life force.

Make it so!


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